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Bluehorses - Electric Violin and Guitar driven Celtic Rockers


Bluehorses played att he 2006 Rockinbeerfest.


Welsh-Irish Gothess Liz Prendergast’s electric violin, electric Celtic harp and space-mandolin will be to the fore when her band Bluehorses makes it’s first visit to the Rockinbeerfest!


Recently described by the BBC as ‘…probably the only Celtic-folk-heavy-rock-goth band in the world’, their four albums have received critical acclaim around the globe and ‘Dragons Milk and Coal’ was voted a MOJO ‘Album of the Month’.


Led by co-founder Nic Waulker on drums with Nathan Waulkers’ thundering bass and Jay MacDonalds’ soaring guitars, Bluehorses promise to bring some instrumental fireworks to the festival.


Starting out where others fear to tread, the band’s music is a genuine hybrid, fusing elements from the Celtic nations with an eclectic mix of pumping rock and roll, classical interludes, evocative electric harp and virtuoso rock violin.


Sharing stages with bands as diverse as the Levellers, Hawkwind & Oysterband, Bluehorses have spent much time on the road, honing their performing and songwriting skills, stunning festival audiences in every country from Spain to Scandinavia  and even the Orkney Isles.


Bluehorses live shows are filled with passion, intensity, flair and good old fashioned rock and roll fun, always getting feet to the floor and sending their audiences home tired and sweaty!


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