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CRF 16 Tickets

CRF 16 tickets are available through ticketscript here online and will be available by phone after 1st February 2016. The same prices & charges apply.


Please note: The campsite opens on Wednesday 3rd August 16 at 11am (not 5pm as printed on the self print tickets!).


Tickets for Addenbrooke's Rocks on Wednesday 3rd August are also on sale here (and will also be available at the Box Office on the day) - all the proceeds of these tickets go directly to the Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust.


Ticket fees for both events are £1 + 3% (approx) per ticket and this goes to ticketscript who look after the ticketing and the entry equipment.


When buying tickets, first select the event you wish to book (if you need tickets for both select separately in turn) the fees are per ticket so 2 separate orders does not matter.

Ticket Buyer Support Arrow black large Arrow black large Arrow black large

Click on event first,

then choose tickets from the drop down list.


Addenbrooke's Rocks

- CUH staff discount you need to bring your ID on the day to validate your ticket on the door.


CRF ticket buyers - discount tickets are only valid with a CRF16 ADULT wristband or Day or 4 day ticket to confirm yor eligibility for the Discount on Addenbrooke's Rocks.