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Mick Gooding

 Mick Gooding comes from a family of artists. In the late 80's whilst living in Boston, USA he was inspired to paint by the abundance of art galleries & the many studios. It was in Boston that he studied art. On returning to England he was a finalist in the BBC TV's Art '90 Competition in Manchester. During last 15 years he has exhibited on Londons Bayswater Road & been a regular at the Sunday Arts & Craft Market in Cambridge.He has produced a number of commissions for well known personalities & when possible he gets his paintings signed. In 2007 he was acknowleged in the Northampton Chronicle & Echo for painting an ex-celtic & Northampton town player.


To date much of his work is in watercolour with paintings from jazz, blues, rock, indie, pop & film personalities. Inspiration comes from his love of music & from his youth when he was able to see many legendary figures in concert. This website shows his latest works which are in acrylic paint. To see he watercolour paintings as prints visit


He can be seen today at a number of local craft fairs & music festivals.








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