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Split Whiskers

Split Whiskers are back and they mean business.

If you enjoy rough and tumble blues based slide playing, finger snapping, foot tapping, buttock crunching, raw rock n' roll then this is your chance to hear them play in their unique style.


The six piece Cambridge based band of young n' old misfits will bring a new slant on the blues along with a sense of fun and mickey taking. The band features the following musicians and a drummer:-


The Voice, Percussion and stunning good looks of Jon (Chicago) Stanford.


The Vocals Harmonica and wit of Gilby J Fletcher.


The Guitars and Cowbell of Mr Johnie (Magic) Boy Wright.


The Keyboards, Accordian and Tambourine of Mr James Doherty.


The Bass, Vocals and Visual Interpretation of Mr Bad Brad Marriner.


The Drums, Vocals and Dependancy of life support machinery Mr Mick (Chippy) Carpenter.


For more info on the band contact Chippy on 01480 465655 or 07801 336931.