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The Soul Kitchen

“We certainly feel reverence for the great musicians of the past, but we have to be who we are and express ourselves through our language. Blues is about how you speak. Blues is independent from forms and in constant evolution because it's the people's voice and feelings.”


Founded by Laurent Mouflier (harp) and Pablo Villuendas (guitar) in year 2004 in London, The SoulKitchen as a blues-funk quintet was joined by Suleyman Osman (vocals), David Hadley (bass) and Mathis Richet (drums) that same year, and began touring around the UK.


Their idea to merge traditional roots with modern ideas to create a different sound, results in a new approach, a more innovative way of playing the blues, influenced by a new generation of artists such as Kenny Neal, Scott Henderson, or Robben Ford.


Each member's individual background and international roots are the right ingredients for this band to make it one of the most dynamic and exciting modern blues-funk outfits around.


"The SoulKitchen is something different. An incredibly talented Blues Band, a must see live act..." House_On_A_Hill.mp3 TBone_Shuffle.mp3 King-Collins_Blues.mp3 Worried_Life_Blues.mp3