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CRF 2017 direct applications are not open yet however you may submit your CDs for our fully licenced internet radio station which is now 'live'  'CRF Radio' will promote all the bands linked with the festival - past and present and feature up and coming bands who send in CDs/Demos etc. This will also serve as a showcase for bands aiming to play at the festival itself.


We will shortly be sending out an email featuring the DEMO OF THE WEEK this goes to over 10,000 subscribers so be sure to submit a high quality demo ideally as a you tube video link. MP3 files - correctly tagged can be emailed with a note giving permission to play on air.


We are frequently asked  by bands if they can play the festival - sadly we have a limit to how many bands can play so unless you are already a "name band" to get noticed you will need to follow a simple plan.


1, Record a Demo on CD, website downloads are ok but we prefer CDs


2, Write the name of the band and contact details on the CD.


3, Prepare a Biography on paper - include contact details and send to :-


Cambridge Rock Festival, 23, Hop Row, Haddenham, Ely, Cambs, CB6 3SR. UK


     These will not guarantee a slot - but sure help


1, Support the festival by actively flyering NOW - join the street team - ask for some flyers for you local venues.


2, Support the Festival - link to us and we will link back if your site is suitable.


3, Support the Festival - attend the fundraiser gigs for CRF - don't expect us to support you otherwise!


4, Do not expect to get a slot first time & do not keep ringing us for an answer.


5, Each band slot costs us thousands in infrastructure costs - so we are very selective. Do be realistic - the vast majority of bands like our volunteers do not collect fees, only the headliners do. CRF does not levy charges against band merch sales so bring plenty! one band in particular reported to us they sold everything with the bands name on it.


We do listen to all demos (they cannot be returned). We plan to make a player available online using the unsigned original demos submitted. By submitting a demo you confirm that we can add your material to the 'Demo Jukebox' or play on 'CRF Radio' you retain all copyright of course (PRS/PPL licenced). We have so many bands of very high quality lobbying for a slot, we naturally support the bands that support us! Good luck and see you at the festival.

Want to Play?

CRF16 applications are now closed.

NB the 'Classic Rock Society' (CRS)  have their own arrangements for their stage.